Marketing is increasingly determined by digital technologies. Strategic market development, branding and campaign management is no longer possible without a broad and deep knowledge of the possibilities of today’s technology. New topics include data security, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, natural language processing, automated dialogues and the Internet of Things.

IT expects marketing to have clear requirements to develop an IT strategy and implement the right systems. The expertise required for this often cannot be built up quickly enough in marketing. The high speed of technological developments is also overburdening most companies, which are often unexpectedly attacked by new, technology-based business models.

This is where my advice begins. Together with my network of highly qualified specialists, I support marketing in building up knowledge about new technologies and in describing requirements for IT. I help in the selection and prioritization of the technological developments relevant for the brand and develop – together with the management – new, technology-oriented business models for the company.


Design and Implementation of Digital Customer Journeys with a focus on Customer Centric Thinking.


Integration of Digital Marketing Technologies into processes and campaigns. Content and Digital Dialogue Management.


Development of digital business models and products. Creation of monitoring and market analysis environments.


Strategic concepts for technologies in digital communications – Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and ChatBots.


Together, we integrate digital technologies and digital media into your departments and processes. Clearly defined, measurable goals and small, realistic and manageable implementation steps will bring your company noticeable communication improvements.

My work is based on trust, integrity, many years of experience and a lot of fingertip feeling. I am specialized in solving problems effectively – even in difficult environments. If desired, I enter into innovative partnerships and develop new contract models for cooperation with my customers.




More than 17 years of experience with marketing and business development, having worked with geniuses as well as with cowards. More than 10 years with digital communication and as strategy consultant.

I work as independent consultant for marketing and digital communications and Senior Advisor for Digital Customer Journey at Information Services Group ISG.

Lecturer for Social Media Marketing at University of Tübingen, Germany, since 2007. As a member of the Freundeskreis Beratersymposium at University of Oldenburg I support the symposium with the selection and evaluation of speaker sessions.


My consultancy is always neutral and independent. I don’t sell tools or agency services. I have a network of independent specialists who work with me on dedicated project tasks – with your agreement only.

Only the best are part of my network: specialists for customer contact management and dialog design, PR and special communications, monitoring and analysis, brand building and advertising.


  • Strategic & 360 Degree Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding & Brand Development
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Business Development


Diploma in Computer Science,extra-occupational study of marketing, various positions in sales and marketing at IBM: national, international, alliances, products, solutions, mid-market. Lots of experience with 360-Degree marketing, planning and execution of integrated marketing campaigns, customer events, fairs, brand development, lead management and reporting.

First successful digital marketing campaign in 2006.

Awards: „Deutscher Direktmarketingpreis“ in Gold and Bronze, „Best of B2B“ in Gold, „Clio“ in Gold, as well as some IBM awards, e.G. „Innovation Marketing Award“.


Innovative Thinking
Focus on the customer
Hands-On & Improvisation
Leader & Team Player
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