Integration of digital communication into individual team member tasks

My client is a medium-sized IT service and consulting company with approx. 250 employees. In social media it was represented in the main department by the marketing department, which, however, was overburdened both in technical and personnel matters with technical inquiries and discussions. We should therefore find ways to use the professional expertise of the employees in digital communication.

My job was the planning and execution of courses for sales and service staff, to lay the foundations for digital communication, to develop first activities and to communicate independently with customers in social networks in the long term. An emphasis was placed on not seeing this communication as additional work, but rather to integrate it effectively into the individual tasks.

My results:

Very positive response from the employees to the courses. In particular, the paths that were shown to work no longer but more effectively were evaluated very well. All in all, an improved cooperation between marketing, sales and service could be identified after a short time, combined with a higher efficiency and credibility in customer communication.


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Interested participants with high motivation and an interest to tear down the silos.

A limited number of participants and the new focus of the GF have put the project on a long-term hold.