Example project
Digital brand identity for an internet startup company

My customer is an Internet start-up in the field of eCommerce. The platform serves as a mediator between vendors and customers in the consumer environment and offers reverse auctions, where vendors can offer on customer’s request.
The company was launched shortly before the start of the project and consisted of a team of six people, some of whom worked in an office in Hamburg, others working in remote locations all over Germany.

My job was the creation of a digital company identity, the establishment of the digital presences and the targeted integration into the company communication. The basic conditions were given by the company being a start-up: a very small team, little to no budget.

Project duration: approx. 6 months.

My results:

Creating the basis for digital communication and advertising. Integration of digital media into the company’s DNA. Basis for a successful approach by customers and suppliers as well as additional investors.


Marketing Management
#Branding #Analyse #Umsetzung

Project environment

Very dynamic and agile team, modern equipped, highly communicative and very result-oriented

Patriarchal and unintentionally guided by the company founder