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My own startup company – consumer goods

The market of cigars is dominated by brand images that were created in the 1970s or earlier and were hardly altered. To open up this market and to address a younger clientele (30+), we wanted to create a new brand that is modern and contemporary. Especially for the American market, we chose the topic “German Technology” since this topic is not yet represented.

Development of my own startup company: RVGN Rauchvergnügen – German Engineered Cigars. New, young and modern cigar brand, which is specifically geared to the American market with the topic of German Technology. Expansion of the brand by means of an additional information channel, which is intended to entertain the target group intelligently.

My results:

Brand building and communication was achieved completely via social networks and with extremely limited budget. Brand preparation locally by direct dealership. Market launch was in November 2015. Since then, the startup has had to accept delays by regulatory regulation in the USA and the departure of one of our partners. Restart and reorientation of the brand was done in November 2016.


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RVGN - German Engineered Cigars


Very good team, very flexible suppliers and business partners.

To this extent unforeseeable regulations by the FDA make access to the American market more difficult and force a reorientation of the brand.