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Base education on digital communication for public sector

My client, the German newspaper Behördenspiegel, is concerned with public administration issues and trends with the federal, state and municipal authorities in Germany. The “Leadership Forum” series is primarily aimed at the political leaders and decision-makers in public administration. The question of the use of social networks is very relevant in this environment and is discussed very differently. The demand for concrete information and ideas for use is very high.

My job is to carry out basic courses on digital communication for public administration. The one-day course provides participants with an up-to-date overview of the basics of social media, the platforms and the possibilities of use. It gives hints about potential dangers and how to deal with them.

My results:

The course has been successfully offered twice a year since 2014. Customer evaluations are consistently very good. The participants especially praise the practical proximity and the focus on the public sector. In this way, the authorities’ mirror was able to close a gap in training in the area of social media in the public sector and position itself in a modern and appealing manner.


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Behörden Spiegel


Participants from all sectors of the public service, very motivated and willing to use digital communication for the citizen.

In some cases, regional regulations and restrictions as well as legal uncertainties hinder further implementation in the public sector.